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Nigerian Gospel Singer, Sola Allyson Releases 9th Studio Album, Titled ‘Isodotun’

by Adeoya Femi

Nigerian veteran gospel artiste and multiple award-winning singer, Sola Allyson has released her 9th studio album, Isodotun.

The album, which consists of 9 tracks that connect to not just fans all over but the humanity of people, talks about experiences with the aim to help people articulate how they feel.

According to the veteran artiste on the creative process of ‘Isodotun’ during her press conference on the 10th of April “The creative process for me is not the normal creative process and while I watch movies, read books and listen to people, the major source where I get my inspiration to create music is from the experiences of life.

Speaking of the creative process on the album, she revealed, as her previous body of works, the inspiration varies but most times, the titles of each track on the album give insight to the inspiration behind the track, with tracks like Ijoba meaning King has come and the song showing what she has experienced.

“My songs are also for people that are struggling to birth something beautiful out of the jagajaga (chaos) that life has given to them.

And I believe these people are everywhere… I believe every song I make, I am doing it so that my kind who can identify with what I do can be helped by it.

I believe the songs I create help people to articulate their own words when they cannot. Sometimes you want to pray and you can’t find the right words, sometimes you want to do something and you don’t know how but when someone else has done it you get inspired” I’m speaking to people who are walking my kind of journey”

The 9th studio album, ‘Isodotun’ is already out and available on all streaming platforms.

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