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Nigerian Women Reveals How Kayan Mata Made Them Sweet In Bed And Made Them Have Pleasurable Sex

by Adeoya Femi

Claimed to be potent as sex enhancer among users, Kayan Mata — some local herbal preparations (aphrodisiacs) — has generated electric mix of feelings among women and men when issues on love-making arise.

Literally interpreted as “women things’’ from Hausa language, Kayan Mata is a generic name for a range of aphrodisiacs. However, as women have Kayan Mata, men have maganin maza –“men things’’.

Proponents of the preparations claim that sexual feelings among couples are essentially stimulated by Kayan Mata which has attracted publicity on the internet in recent times.

Though the substances are originally prepared to make-up brides for marriage to enjoy sex life during marriage, observers note that the aphrodisiacs are no longer restricted to ladies who are preparing for marriages alone.

According to observers, for the products efficacy, some critics insinuate that Kayan Mata products are love potions or charms used by women to keep husbands away from other women.

But a seller, Mrs Halima Abdulrahman in Minna, Niger, notes that Kayan Mata is an answer to ladies who request for something to impress and drive their husband “crazy’’ during sex.

She expresses concern about the attitude of the public to sex issues, observing that Kayan Mata business is challenged by women who hide their sexual desires for the fear of being stigmatised, wayward or irresponsible, especially in northern parts of the country.

Another seller in Katsina, simply identified as Mama Miriam, says Kayan Mata is mostly used by ladies or women and “men have their own, some women are so used to it.

“There are different types of Kayan Mata — Gindin Ayu, Zuman Mata, Turaren Tuta, Tsimi Mata and Zumi, which comes in liquid form, among others.

“There is the one that I prepare with chicken and the person will eat it alone; the cost is N45, 000 and the one I prepare with coke which is N65, 000.

“There is also the one I prepare with cow tail, the person will eat that one alone, the price is N25, 000 and Zumi, which comes in liquid form, costs N8, 500 for four litres.

“There are some of lower prices such as N1, 000, N2, 000, N5, 000 and N10, 000 whichever is affordable.

“They are of different names and functions, depending on the type you want. There is no dosage but the person must keep to verbal instructions.

“There are some they can insert in their private parts and there are some you will take with milk, it depends on what you want or the problem you want to solve.

“The patronage is so encouraging, different ethnic groups come to patronise me not only people from the northern parts of the country and I make a lot of turnout from it’’.

Emphasising the commercial values of Kayan Mata, Mrs Hauwa Muhammad, an Instagram Kayan Mata vendor who owns Jaruma Empire, says she has consultations with no fewer than 30 women a week for N50, 000 per session.

Another Kayan Mata Instagram vendor, Mrs Deborah Erioluwapo Ajayi who runs Omoshola’s Place Empire, says her clients include celebrities that she offers “private consultations’’ to and sells products between N15,000 and N350,000.

Mrs Zainab Sani, a user, claim that Kayan Mata “is good because it makes sex more pleasurable.

“It is sex stimulant that enhances sexual pleasure, especially for new couples that want to make their sex life heaven on earth.

“I go for sex enhancement herbs because some men marry many wives and women use it to satisfy the husband to have an amazing sexual experience that he will never forget.

“There are some substances you rub or insert in private part; you can prepare some with chicken, honey, milk, kunun aya, add in soup or stew or mix with your meal.

“I don’t know if there is any side effect because I have not experienced any but what I know is that a woman should not use it when her husband is not around’’, she warns.

In her view, Mrs Zainab Umaru, a vendor, explains that she sells the products for women who find it difficult to be turned on during foreplay.

“Kayan Mata sweets are prescribed for them to chew during the day when they are sure they will get together at night; this would create a tingling sensation for the woman and put her in the mood.

“The most popular Kayan Mata products are kunun aya and tsumi. Tsumi is a mixture of Kayan Mata herbs and camel’s milk which is effective and strong.

“Kunun aya is Tiger nuts juice and it is drunk by men for extra performance; since Kayan Mata is made out of fruits, herbs and natural spices, it is healthy.

“If you want to use Kayan Mata to enhance your sexual pleasure, it is important to be careful of your sources and what exactly that make up the ingredients,’’ she cautions.

Mrs Fatima Ayuba, a Kaya-Mata vendor in Garki 2, Abuja, says she has been in the business for two decades and that her major patronage is from married women and mothers that are preparing their children for marriage.

Another vendor in Wuse Market, Abuja, who pleads anonymity says that his customers are mostly married women who use the products to spice up their sex life with their spouses.

He notes that his customers also include single ladies from across the country and that the use of the products is not limited to ladies from northern parts of the country.

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